Part-time producer (x, f, m) for projects of Begüm Erciyas & David Weber-Krebs


We are looking for somebody who feels affinity to our artistic work, is interested in developing a long-term collaboration and who can fulfill the following tasks:
- Translating artistic visions into organizational procedures
- Anticipate, research and organize: material, technique, manpower, expertise, work space, storage space….
- Planning, preparation and budgeting of projects
- Keep track of project expenses in collaboration with administrator of Outline
- Keep administrator of Outline up-to-date about all relevant aspects of the project
- Good communication with artistic and technical collaborators involved in projects
- Good communication with project partners, presenters, venues
- Organise and execute logistics for residencies and tour dates (transport set, travels, accommodation, communication/promotion material)
- Assisting and thinking along during rehearsals

- Previous experience in production
- Fluency in English
- Based in Belgium or in Berlin
- Excellent communication skills
- Flexible work times, seeing yourself what is necessary and when
- Flexible to travel for residency or tour dates
- Ability to oversee and coordinate a production in all its aspects
- Ability to be hands-on.

what we offer:
- Responsibility over your own working times and working intensities, depending on what you see necessary for the production(s), in discussion with the artist and Outline.
- Employment as a freelancer or different contracts possible according to your statute. Salary compliant with the sector’s PC 304 scale, level A and according to your seniority level.

about OUTLINE:
Outline is an independent platform that produces and supports the transdisciplinary work of Begüm Erciyas, David Weber-Kreps and Ula Sickle. Outline realises their creations, provides the production, financial and communication framework, and deals with the distribution and promotion of artistic output.
Outline starts from the conviction that production work is inextricably linked to the artistic work and follows the model of an artist's studio, where a group of employees are closely involved in the production and creation process and where resources and networks are shared. Within the artist-run and artist-centred support model, the strong alliance between the productive and the artistic results in a stable framework where new institutional configurations to realise and present work emerge and where knowledge sharing and construction are central.

about Begüm Ercyias:
Begüm Erciyas (1982, Turkey) is choreographer by training. Since 2015, she is developing transdisciplinary formats, which go beyond the frontal blackbox setting. Some of these works invite the audience to be in complete solitude and to simultaneously perform and listen. In this way, they facilitate an alienated view on something personal, such as listening to one's own voice (Voicing Pieces (2016)), or an intimate situation with something foreign, such as a conversation with an artificial voice (Pillow Talk (2019)). Her latest work focuses on the challenges of coming together (Letters from Attica (2020), Forest Silent Gathering (2022)). The tension between isolation and togetherness is always a central topic. She also engages artistically with new technologies that define and challenge our sense of collectivity.

Between 2021 and 2026, she is artist-in-residence at DeSingel Antwerp. There she will be regularly organizing an Interface Lab, which is conceived to investigate the crossing points between interface design, somatic practices, and theater, and which brings together researchers from a variety of fields. In 2024, she will be premiering and touring a new piece, while also continuing to tour older work.

about David Weber-Krebs:
David Weber-Krebs (BE/D) is an artist and a researcher based in Brussels and Ghent. He studied at the University of Fribourg (CH) and the Amsterdam School of the Arts (NL). David explores various contexts as a basis for an experimental process, which questions the traditional relationship between the work of art and its public.
Recent works for theatre are the performances Tonight, Lights out! (2013), Balthazar (2015), The Guardians of Sleep (2017), The Actual Event (2020), The Death of Ivan Ilyich (2021), and The Silencing (2022). Recent works in the field of the visual arts are the installations Immersion (2014) and The Earthly Paradise (2017).
David is the curator of the series of performative conferences On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors (with Jeroen Peeters) in which they address this question: how are the arts (its questions, forms, research and discourses) challenged by climate change?
He is the initiator and editor of the book and then the doors opened again (Onomatopee) in which 75 authors imagine their first theatre visit after the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.
David collaborates on a regular basis with different artists and theorists and he teaches at different visual arts and performance academies. He is regularly leading projects and mentoring at different visual arts and performing arts schools, among others, Das Graduate school, the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and at the Performance department of KASK/School of Arts. David is an alumni of THIRD!, the third cycle research group of Das Graduate school (Amsterdam).
He is affiliated as a doctoral artistic researcher to KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts. His research project (The Sublime in the Anthropocene, the Smallest Degree of Participation) is financed by the Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent.

start period of employment:
The agendas of Begüm and David are different as they work on their own projects individually. Period of starting is october 2023. Handover of current productions will be a first step.

how to apply?
Send your CV together with a motivation letter before the 19th of september 2023 to (digital only). The job interviews will happen sometime in the week last week of September in Brussels and on a further to define date in Berlin.

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Place of work/residence can be in Berlin or Brussels.
Outline is based in Brussels but the activities of the artists are between 2 cities and touring.