Gallery Director/Curator/Studio Manager with 10+ years experience


·I am a cultural producer with over ten years of experience in the arts, seven of which were in Berlin.
·I completed my Master of Fine Arts degree in Chicago, Illinois.
·I have independently founded and developed two Berlin-based arts companies from the ground up, the first one is a well-known contemporary art gallery that is still running since 2016, and the second is a 1000 sqm non-profit artist studio building that opened in 2019.
·I have curated, developed, and produced dozens of exhibitions and events in that time with a massive network of international contemporary artists.
·I oversaw our participation in the Positions art fair here in Berlin as well as other international art fairs.
·I have overseen all operations, curatorial projects, logistics, and communications for the gallery since its inception. Similarly with the non-profit artist studio project.
·I have a wealth of knowledge in regard to front- and back-of-house art business needs and practices. I have excellent writing skills in English and numerous resources for professional German translations.

Currently, I am looking for new full-time opportunities as we have lost the lease for our building and I no longer find it feasible or desirable in the economic climate to rebuild such a massive project. I see this as a blessing rather than a curse, and I am excited to take all that I've learned over these many years of hard work and perseverance to apply them to an exciting new opportunity where I can really spread my wings. As the Managing Director and often sole worker of these two projects, I have learned to wear many hats and can contribute on multiple levels to any art establishment. I also have professional knowledge of Adobe Suite and work as a freelance print designer for exhibition catalogs. I look forward to meeting those hiring managers looking for a multi-faceted, non-traditional, and ambitious cultural worker to add extensive value to their current team.

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