Art Gallery Assistant


I am a Customer Service Specialist with professional experience working with high-profile clients in the fashion industry; I have dealt with more than 70 accounts in the Austrian, German and Italian markets for which I managed orders, sales and requests regarding the shipment of the goods.

I am passionate about art, especially contemporary: I read dedicated publications and visit weekly museums, galleries, art exhibitions, events and lectures; I am ready to move my career towards what I really love, willing to learn as much as possible and do what it takes to pursue it.

I am currently based in Italy but I am looking forward to relocating to Munich, where I lived last year, attending a language school and conducting an internship in Office administration and doing cultural activities with the students.

I am mothertongue in Italian, fluent in English, intermediate in German, have a basic knowledge of French, am tech-savvy and a people-person.
I take pride in my communication and organization skills.

I would be glad to meet you anytime by phone or email for further information.
Looking forward to your reply, I remain at your disposal.
Kind regards.

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