Fundraising Manager


Role Purpose
We are seeking a creative, detail-oriented and flexible Fundraising Manager to join our growing organizations coculture e.V. and Studio Khaled Barakeh. In this position, you should develop fundraising strategies as well as maintain a strong network of connections in the field to help financing our many projects.

■ Responsibilities

• Research funding opportunities, public and private (local, national, EU, international; government agencies, trusts, foundations, philanthropists etc.)
• Create and maintain a fundraising database with contact details and deadlines
• Develop relationships with major donors, identify new potential major donors and nurture relationships
• Attend relevant fundraising events such as foundation meetings etc.
• Plan and implement fundraising campaigns
• Write and manage grant applications, narrative and financial statements ensuring that they are submitted on time and meet the donors' expectations as well as the strategy and values of coculture
• Create sponsorship concepts, approach potential sponsors and follow-up on partnerships
• Prepare all sponsorship contracts, ensuring that payment processes are managed accurately and in a timely manner
• Record, monitor and report financial progress
• Work closely with project leads (SCI, Biennale, etc.) to remain up to date on project developments and goals and write project reports for funders

■ Requirements

• Bachelor or Master degree in art, cultural management, fundraising or similar area
• At least five years of experience working in fundraising
• Network of public and private funding organizations
• Knowledge of public and private funding opportunities, experience in application and report writing (narrative and financial)
• Experience in creating sponsorship concepts and network of sponsors
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, in English and German; other languages are a plus
• Ability to write contracts, manage budgets and hit fundraising targets
• Interest in, and commitment to, the cause you are raising money for is essential
• Flexible and self-starter mindset, who is comfortable working in a new organisation

This position is for a freelancer, the Fundraising Manager will work for two organizations:

With the support of a group of cultural actors from different backgrounds, CoCulture e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit organization founded by artist and cultural activist Khaled Barakeh in 2017, created as a response to the challenges faced by displaced cultural producers in Europe and beyond.

Studio Khaled Barakeh was also established in 2017. Focusing on artistic-social projects, activities of the Studio range from exhibitions and artwork production to other cultural-based activities:

■ Working conditions
Freelance position on a project basis (for a trial period with the goal of future full employment)
Working hours: Project-based
Working environment: Office; Working from home; Working trips.

■ Location
Lobe Block, Böttgerstr. 16, 13357 Berlin

■ Contact
Please send your CV in a PDF format to Blanca

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CoCulture e.V.
Lobe Block, Böttgerstr. 16
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