Internship at Studio Haris Epaminonda


Studio Haris Epaminonda is looking for an inspired and motivated INTERN to join our team and help out in all the various aspects of running an artist’s studio. Organisation and Communication, Archiving, Art handling, Exhibition Planning and Set-up and Studio Management will be just some of the areas requiring your support. The internship will take place in Berlin.

¥ Complete fluency in English
¥ General organisation and communication skills and knowledge of related software solutions: Microsoft Office Suite, Mail, Dropbox
¥ Knowledge of image editing and design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Indesign
¥ Advanced knowledge of Apple Mac OS X
¥ Able to work well in and support a small team
¥ Responsible and independent work ethic

Beneficial but not necessary:
¥ Knowledge of Database Solutions (i.e. Filemaker)
¥ Secondary language (esp. German)
¥ Driver’s license
¥ Previous experience in an Artist’s Studio / Gallery
¥ Currently studying for / in possession of a degree in Art History, Cultural Management, Communication Management or similar fields. 

The internship would begin as soon as possible, please state when you would be able to begin. If you are only able to start work later on in the year, please state when and for how long you would be willing to come (minimum of two months is preferable). 
It is not possible for us to provide monetary payment for your services. However, we have positive experience with internship funds and fellowships such as the Erasmus+ Program and are able to support you in any application processes. 
The studio is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 15:00. This would also be our ideal working time with you, 10 hours a week in total. Interviews will take place in mid November, the Internship would ideally begin in the weeks directly after.

Please send us an email with your CV, background information about yourself, any links to personal works or projects and a sentence or two about why you would like to come to work with us.  

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